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QUICK ANSWER: Pressure regulators either work or they don’t. People ask if we can adjust them to bring the pressure back down to 60psi. The answer is usually no. As the valve ages, it collections debre, scale and eventually fails. In the field we see them last about 6-10 years. You will know your regulator is broken when you cannot reduce the pressure. They cost between $300-$600 (installed) for a residential valve and about $600-$900 (installed) for a light commercial regulator. The price of a properly installed and functioning pressure regulator is worth its weight in gold. The pressure regulator should be tested every year and replaced as needed.

ABOUT: The Pressure regulating valve AKA pressure regulator is a critical part of your plumbing system. The pressure regulator is responsible for reducing high city water pressure. San Diego and Orange County water pressure can reach 200psi in city main lines. High water pressure is responsible for leaking faucets, toilets, shorten water heater life and flooding. For example, when you over inflate a balloon it will eventually pop. High pressure will cause your plumbing system to eventually fail in the form of water leaking from a pipe, faucet or an appliance. Without a properly working pressure regulator your house is subject to damaging and costly spikes in city water pressure.

WATER SAVINGS: Water under high pressure will flow out of your faucets much faster than water regulated to 60PSI. At 60 PSI you will have plenty of water and you wont let most of it go down the drain. A new pressure regulator will help you save money on your water bill.

MAINTAINANCE: Pressure regulators are adjustable and should be set to 60psi. A water pressure gauge is used to identify and set the water pressure entering your home. A water pressure gauge can be purchased for less than $15.00 from a hardware store. If your pressure regulator is set above 60 PSI it may have failed.

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