Ridiculous Warranty

Our warranty is the best in the industry. If something breaks we will fix it or repair it. No questions asked.

Why is our Warranty Ridiculous?

"Our warranty will give you up to 15 years of peace of mind, no questions asked"

Our ridiculous warranty lasts up to 15 years bumper to bumper. When you use Quick Water Heaters, we install your products right from the start to insure a long trouble free life. If you do have problems we repair them for free. If we can’t repair your water heater, we install a new upgraded model for FREE. This warranty will pay for it self 10 times over.
  • Free replacements
  • Free Repairs
  • Peace of mind
  • No questions asked policy

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On average, water heaters leak after 10 years. What happens when they start leaking? Mold, mildew, flood damage, expensive repairs, and wasted time.

Save thousands with our ridiculous warranty and know you will be in good hands

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