Cost to Replace 40 Gallon Gas Hot Water Heater

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The cost to replace a 40 gallon basic water heater $2895. Continue reading for details

In this post, we will break down exactly how much it costs to have a reputable company install your hot water heater. Keep in mind, these are Southern California prices which are typically 10-40% higher than the national average.  The added cost is related to California’s green initiative and lower exhaust emissions. All prices below are for contractor grade materials meaning, you can’t buy these at your local Home Depot. If you want to know the cost of a tankless water heater, click here.

  1. Water Heater – $1063  (Bradford White Contractor Grade Water heater with 10 year manufacturer warranty. Professional grade means only licensed professionals can buy, support and install these water heaters.)
  2. Expansion Tank – $46
  3. Expansion Tank Bracket – $21
  4. Expansion Tank Supply Line – $21
  5. Copper T – $6
  6. Male Adapters $4 X 4 = $16
  7. Copper Elbows – $3 X 6 = $18
  8. Water Shut Off Valve – $19
  9. Earth Quake Restraints – $34
  10. Drip Pan – $24
  11. Drip Pan Plumbing – $7
  12. Two Stainless Steel Supply Lines – $21 X 2 = $42
  13. Gas Sediment Trap – $20
  14. Gas Line with Shut off Valve – $37
  15. Exhaust Venting – $33
  16. Ten Feet of Copper (for drain line and incoming water lines) – $34
  17. Miscellaneous screws, shims bolts, map gas, solder, rags, flux, etc. – $46
  18. Sales Tax – $118

Total Parts Cost with Tax $1605

Business Over Head is a frequently overlooked cost by consumers.

It is equal to 20%-40% of the sales price. Examples of overhead expenses include (but are not limited to):

  1. Workers Compensation Insurance
  2. General Liability Insurance
  3. Payroll Taxes
  4. Employee Retirement Plan Expenses
  5. Advertising
  6. Marketing
  7. Fuel
  8. Uniforms
  9. Vehicle Maintenance
  10. Office and Warehouse

Total Business Overhead – $550

  1. Technician – $220
  2. Project Coordinator – $220
  3. Office Staff – $50

Total Labor Cost – $495

In order to hire and maintain quality employees, they must earn a fair wage. A wage high enough to live in the areas they service and support their families.

Total Profit $245

After parts, costs, and overhead, the business must turn a profit otherwise they will go out of business.

If the business you choose goes out of business, you will have no warranty and no support for the products that you invest in.

Total Cost $2895

Tank Water Heaters

Starting at $3185

Tankless Water Heaters

Starting at $5275

KD Navien Tankless Gas Water Heater

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