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Whole House Purification System

Easily accessible online (quick response times), on-time, friendly, and extremely knowledgeable in-person (I learned a lot about water heaters, physics, and local San Diego codes) just from the free consultation itself. Really appreciated how thorough they were even in the consultation stage (they checked all associated devices, and verified water pressure too, which many other companies do only at the installation stage).

We compared 3 companies and at first, it seemed like this place was more expensive, and we initially wondered whether all that they said we needed to do was actually needed, but in doing our own “research” on the Great Google Universe, it checked out.

Note that most places offer a 6-year tank, but this company puts in a second anode rod that allegedly prolongs the life of the tank to a 10-year longevity. Jury’s still out on whether the extra $300 is really worth two anode rods at the outset vs just replacing the anode rod yourself every few years (hello YouTube), but I’m kind of lazy and not super handy so this ended up being the option we went with.

Their prices are very fair! I mean, can you do this for WAY cheaper by going to Home Depot? Yeah, but cf “lazy and not super handy” above. Also, their tanks aren’t exactly the same as what’s sold at the hardware stores; I forget what the differences were. When doing comparisons between companies, make sure you ask for not just the cost of the water heater itself and the installation, but also the things that are required by code- water lines, earthquake straps, drip pans, sediment traps, blah blah. They’re all included in the Quick Water Heater price, but other places might charge you for each individual thing (which may end up cheaper or more expensive, depending on your situation). We happened to need everything so it worked really well for us!

We have yet to test out their warranty and all associated services that are part of the purchase price, but the entire experience has been great so far! The wizard of water heaters, George!  My husband and I recently bought our first home and we have been having issues with our water heater’s pilot going out. After having several home warranty contractors come out to try and fix the issue, we decided to call Quick Water Heater & Plumbing due to their excellent reviews.

We made an appointment online on a Saturday during New Years weekend (after lighting the pilot 5 times in the morning), and they called within 10 minutes and sent George out the same day at 3pm!  George came in and whatever he did, it worked!  For the rest of the weekend, it didn’t go out once and we were thrilled.  No issues for the first time in buying our home!  We still wanted the heater to be repaired to prevent future issues so after calling the manufacture in regards to our warranty and parts, George came back on Tuesday and restored the heater to its former glory.  We also installed instant hot water (or whatever it is called) and we no longer have to run the water for minutes at a time to get hot/luke warm water.  It just comes out hot!

We LOVED working with George and you could see how knowledgeable he is in regards to all things water heater. He’s truly the wizard and we are so thankful for him!

Thanks you so much George!  We will definitely reach out to you and Quick Water Heater and Plumbing for any upgrades or repairs for our heater!  Customer for life! I submitted a request for a new water heater at 7am through their website.

Twelve hours later I had a brand new water heater, installed. I’ve never experienced such a quick turnaround time for any installation like this. These guys have their operation down to a science.

I really appreciated the upfront pricing that’s on their website because I hate the whole haggling ordeal. The price on the site is what you’ll get and it includes installation, tax and disposal. What a great straightforward way operate.

Josh and Kevin explained what they were about to do and what they installed. They were quick and efficient. Great experience overall. We got our water regulator and water heater changed out by Quick. Big shout out to George who finished the work both fast and beautifully.

As new home owner I was pretty at loss when dealing with those things myself. George did not only just finished the work, but also gave me detail explanation and education on how to maintain water heater so we can extend the life expectancy of the water heater. He is also super courteous and nice.

I originally had doubt on all 5 star reviews for Quick just as for all other companies alike, it looked too good to be true. However with my own experience I can now confidently recommend Quick to be my #1 choice if I need future work on water heater at my house.

Well done Quick! At first when I saw this company’s page and watched their videos, I thought it would just be another big local company that just rushed through their jobs with some random person they send to your house.

I was clearly wrong. We had George B. come out as our specialist, and not only did he expertly walk us through the entire thing, he did such a professional job installing our new water heater, all the new parts, explaining everything, and hauling away the old one. He kept the area really clean, was extremely professional and courteous, and all around great to deal with. A+ to this company for having such great talent onboard.

The equipment is clearly high quality, and when I went inside, we had nice piping hot water at the snap of a finger. Good warranty on it too.

I highly recommend George B. and Quick Water heater for any water heater / home water work. Clearly as good as it gets. Looking forward to being a long term customer. I can’t say enough good things about my experience with this company! After a month of dealing with a water heater that kept having the pilot light going out and having a number of people come out to check it, including SDG&E (3times), and one of the big name TV companies, I had resigned myself to the fact that I would have to replace the whole thing. I called Quick to have it replaced and they made an appointment for the next morning. Josh came out promptly on time and looked at my water heater thoroughly… He explained what I had always suspected, my water heater was hooked up illegally before I had bought the house 11 years ago and if I tried to replace it, it would be a disaster… Instead, Josh figured out how to “fix” the water heater so I could have hot water and bought me some time until I get my mobile home replaced..
Josh was a literally a life saver! He charged me NOTHING! Not for the service call. Not for the part he replaced! NOTHING! I will NEVER use another plumbing company and neither should you. These guys are the real deal and exactly what service should be. We realized that we had no hot water on a Sunday morning a few weeks ago.  I apologize in advance that I didn’t get the names of the people that assisted us Quick Water Heater Co. What  started out to be a disaster for us turned into a very quick resolution.  We called around 7 AM, got a live person right away, and after asking us a lot of questions said that he’d call right back with availability.  He called us back in less than 10 minutes, gave us a quote (which we had already seen on the website) and said that they would be at our home by 9 AM!

We truly thought that we were over-promised when just before 9 AM our doorbell rang and there they were!  We had hot water by around noon the same day.  The price for the replacement was exactly what was quoted and what was on the website.

While they were working, they discovered that our pressure regulator was way too high (due to age) and offered to replace it.  We had no idea that the regulator was the reason that our sprinklers kept “exploding” (OK, maybe I’m exaggerating) but it was a big issue for us.  They quickly replaced that as well for a very reasonable price.

I hope that we don’t need their services again any time in the near future but if we do, this is where we’ll go.  Great job, great team, reasonably price, deliver what they promise.  What more can you say!!! Wow – this is a phenomenal company.  We interacted with Josh and Jacob, who were both very professional.  From start to finish the Quick team was informative, responsive and helpful.  We replaced our existing water heater with a tankless one, and had a whole home water softener and reverse osmosis system installed at the same time.  No complaints whatsoever, and we are so glad we decided to go with Quick.  Highly recommended. My experience with this company was awesome. I called them to help me diagnose some unusual symptoms (weird noises) coming from my Noritz tankless hot water heater. Josh came out and charged nothing to have a look at it, then scheduled his service tech (George) to come the next day to descale and troubleshoot my unit. George was very thorough and very patient in explaining everything he was doing, step by step, and why he was doing it. He showed me everything I needed to know to do a once-a-year descaling, although, by the time he was finished, I determined that for a pretty resonable price, calling George out once a year for servicing made a lot more sense!

He also determined that our water pressure regulator was not working and was able to replace it with a new unit. He threw in a new outside faucet for free to replace the old one, which was in bad shape. All told, he spent 3 hours doing the work and explaining the technology to me. I feel like I got a free seminar on water heater usage, repair and maintenance!

Great professional service…highly recommend!!!

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