Pentair RO System Details

What’s Included
  • 5 Year Parts and Labor Warranty
    • If we can’t repair it, you get a new unit free
  • 5 years of replacement filters (self service)
    • QTY (5) Pre Filter 5 Micron Filters
    • QTY (5) Carbon Block Filters
    • Full service labor available
  • This is a hyper efficient system is rated at one gallon waste and one gallon filtered
  • Some systems are rated at ten gallons waste and one gallon filtered
  • Cartridges are affordable and easy to change
  • Easy home owner cartridge replacement
  • Perfect for any home. Large or small.
  • This system needs annual filter changes to maintain water quality
  • Filters can clog if not changed
  • Hard water should be reduced prior to installing this system
  • Hard water will clog the RO membrane and render the system ineffective
  • This filter is for drinking water only
  • Every home should have a reverse osmosis water filter installed. This unit is incredibly efficient at removing 99.9% of contaminates from your drinking water. The cost of drinking water from this systems in pennies on the dollar compared to bottled water. The quality of the water is better than almost all bottled water as there is no plastic leaching.
  • One to one ratio of waste water to filtered water
  • No electricity
  • Easy home owner filter changes
  • Wall mounted to save floor space
  • 50 Gallons per day
  • PSI must not exceed 70 pounds per square inch
  • Comes with filters and storage tank
  • 18″ H 15″ W – 6″D
  • Weight is 22 lbs dry
  • 5 years on tanks
  • 5 years on brackets and housing
  • 5 years on labor
Specs and Documents Download: Pentair GRO 2550 Certifications Pentair GRO 2550 Summary Pentair GRO 2550 Owners Manuel

Upgrade to our Ridiculus Warranty

- Covers Labor & Parts

- Up to 15 years

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