Leaky Water Heater Repair

Determine if you need to replace your water heater or if we can repair your existing water heater.

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About Your Tanks Lifespan

Your water heater has a useful life of roughly 8 years being that it is made out of steel and will eventually leak. Water heater decay is prevented by the installation of a sacrificial anode rod. The anode rod attracts rust and decay to itself. When the anode rod has been completely decayed it can no longer protect the tank.

The result is rusting and eventually leaking. Anode rods are the most critical part in your water heater. For example, if you didn’t have an anode rod, your water heater would decay and leak within the first year.

If your water heater is leaking, then it is likely that your anode rod has completely decayed. When this has happened, you will typically need to replace your water heater. 


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Choosing Between Tankless and Tank Water Heaters

Watch this video in order to learn which water heater is the best. We go through the pros and cons of these water heater types to help you navigate this important decision.

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