Dana Point Water Heater Service and Repair

Dana Point– is a city located in Southern Orange County, California. It is a neighboring city of San Juan Capistrano. We are familiar with Dana Point and the water heating demands that this community has. Below you will find recommendations for regular water heaters as well as tankless water heaters for each community of Dana Point.

Dana Point Harbor– is home to a marina, shops, and restaurants. It is a point of departure for the Catalina express, and a transportation service to and from the City of Avalon on Catalina Island.

Strands– Next to the Salt Creek an the Ritz Carlton lies a luxury housing development built on an old public beach and surfer spot. Lots of modern houses priced over $10000000. Most of the homes here in the Strands have a high demand for water heating. We recommend at least a 75 gallon water heater. See this link for all details of a 75 gallon water heater. https://quickwaterheater.com/75-gallon-water-heater-installation/ Some houses will need a 100 gallon water heater. Here is the link to our 100 gallon rheem water heaters. https://quickwaterheater.com/100-gallon-water-heater/ We have both options and are ready to serve you. If you are interested in a tankless option we have those too.

Capitstano Beach-has a lot of interesting history. We recommend a 50 gallon water heater for most of the houses in this area. Sometimes a 75 gallon or even 100 gallon water heater is necessary to fulfill the high water heating demands of larger homes. If you are interested in a tankless water heater a Noritz NRC981 or a Nortiz NRC111 would be a good fit for this area. Before you commit to a tankless water heater make sure to read our blog about the pros and cons of a tankless water heater. https://quickwaterheater.com/pros-and-cons-of-a-tankless-water-heater/  Dana Point is a city governed a s a council-manager form of government.

Are you considering a tankless water heater? Because Dana Point has so many different sizes of homes we have a few options to choose from. To start lets use this summary to pick out what size tankless water heater would work for your water heating needs. A 40 gallon water heater needs to match to a tankless water heater that can handle about 6 gallons per minute. The Noritz NRC 661 would be a perfect replacement. It’s also really affordable. A 50 gallon water heater needs to match to a tankless water heater that can handle about 8 gallons per minute. The Noritz NRC83 or possibly the Noritz NRC981 would be a perfect replacement. This particular water heater is more expensive to the fact that it needs a dedicated gas line. The gas line must stretch from the gas meter to the actual tankless unit. Running a new gas line can be an expensive procedure. A 75 gallon water heater is the next step up and needs a large flow rate. 11-13 gallons per minute would be the appropriate size. The Noritz NRC111 is a perfect fit to replace a 75 gallon water heater. If you have a 100 gallon water heater or larger we will generally use multiple tankless units. Most tankless manufactures allow each water heater to linked to another via a cable and controller. This allows us to heat as much water as you could ever need. Most commercial tankless water heaters will need to be joined in this manner to achieve large water heating demands for commercial uses.

Whatever the issue you’re having with your water heater, Quick Water Heater can solve it. We are the absolute best in the industry, providing the highest quality parts, service and prices. We have eliminated the bidding process and created a website that is both easy to use and has all the information you could need to get started.

Tank Water Heater Repair

Your tank water heater is used every day, and is one of the most important appliances in your house. Take one cold shower on a January morning and you will agree. Quick Water Heater can diagnose and solve any problems your having, big or small. We are committed to repairing your water heater as quickly as possible.

Tank Water Heater Installation

If your water heater is past its useful life and needs to be replaced, use a specialist. All we do at Quick Water Heater is repair and install water heaters. We are the most experienced company in your area and we use the highest quality parts. Our flat rate pricing makes the process incredibly simple. Give us a call today to schedule a water heater install.

Tankless Water Heater Repair

It is extremely important that you flush and maintain your tankless water heater every year. Not doing so can lead to many problems down the line and reduce the life of your tankless water heater. We prefer to prevent these problems before they begin by always installing Flush kits to keep scale to a minimum. If however you do have a problem call us and let us get your tankless water heater in top shape.

Tankless Water Heater Installation

We have many customers who have made the switch to tankless water heating. Replacing your old style water heater with a tankless water heater can not only save you money, but also save space and increase your homes value. We install the best tankless water heaters on the market and provide you with knowledge to keep them running perfectly throughout their life. Our competitive flat rate pricing and possible tax credits can make the switch to a tankless water heater cost effective.

Thermocouple Installation

The most common water heater part to fail is the thermocouple. When broken, the thermocouple will keep your water heater’s pilot light from staying lit. This problem can be easily diagnosed by one of our staff and repaired same day.

Pressure Regulator Install

One of the most important pieces of your plumbing system is your pressure regulator. Having too much pressure in your house can lead to appliances failing, faucets not working properly and floods due to pipe leaks. Our professionals
can inspect your pressure regulator and your water pressure and help you keep your plumbing system in top shape.

Thermal Expansion Tank Install

A thermal expansion tank is one of many ways Quick Water Heater can keep your hot water plumbing system running flawlessly. When water is heated it expands, and that expansion needs somewhere to go. A thermal expansion tank allows for that expansion and keeps your appliances and pipes from being exposed to high pressure. A thermal expansion tank can be a great addition to your house. Call us or visit us online for pricing.

Recirculation Pump Install

Waiting too long for hot water to reach your faucets or shower? Installing a recirculation pump can solve this issue by giving you hot water on demand. Many home owners can benefit from a recirculation pump while saving 1,000s of gallons of water every year. Our experts can find ways to save you money and improve on your current water heating system.

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