Whole House Purification System

$1895 including installation

Whole House Purification Details

What’s inside?

  • Stage 1 = Silica Media
    • Designed to remove large particles and provide a solid bed for other media
  • Stage 2 = Filter Aggregate Media
    • Designed to filter medium sized particles and sediment from water
  • Stage 3 = Spartan Catalytic Carbon (1 cubic foot)
    • removes stubborn ammonia chlorine bond known as chloramines
    • removes disinfection by products, volatile organic compounds
    • removes trihalomethane and pharmaceuticals
  • Stage 4 = Granulated Activated Carbon (1 cubic foot)
    • GAC carbon is designed specifically for micro filtration and removal of chlorine.


  • 99% efficient
  • No back flush
  • Zero water
  • No electricity
  • Grade A carbon media and Scale Solution Media
  • No computerized control valve to break


  • 1.1 Million gallon capacity
  • Available in black fiberglass tank or stainless steel tank
  • 12 GPM Flow Rate
  • 20 GPM Max Flow Rate
  • This unit can be installed indoors or outdoors
  • No programing of electronic control valve


  • 9″ X 48″ Structure fiberglass tank
  • 9″ X 48″ Stainless Steel Sleeve
  • Clack control valve and bypass valves. Reliable and time tested
  • media listed above


  • No regular maintenance
  • 5-7 year filter life on carbon and media
  • No salt needed


  • 15 year warranty on tank
  • 5 year warranty on parts
  • 5 year no questions asked labor warranty


  • Zero waste water
  • Not “banned” in any city
  • No salt brine flushed down the drain
  • Will not cause water to feel “slippery”
  • Can be used in condos and homes without waste water drain
  • Usually more cost effective to install than traditional water softeners
  • Less plumbing damage will result in lower plumbing repair bills
  • System will pay for itself in 5 years or less. $1000/person in bottled water/year
  • Leaves skin and hair feeling soft and vibrant


  • This system will not save you money on soap as the minerals are still in the water


We have integrated a 60 liter two stage carbon filtration system into the same unit. For cities that treat water with chloramines we have created a second 60 liter tank to attack the ammonia-chlorine mixture known as chloramines. This system has no wasteful back flush system. Removing the drain line allows us to install this unit in almost any home. The removal of the drain line keeps the installation cost down as well. Keep in mind, if hard water is your number one concern you MUST buy a water softener.

Specs and Documentation

Granulated Activated Carbon Spec Sheet

Chloramine Removing Carbon Spec Sheet

Filter Aggregate Spec Sheet

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