Leaky Overflow Valve Repair

Usually you will need to replace your T&P Valve. Watch the video to see how.

This is what commonly happens

More about your T&P valve

Your T&P valve is set off by one of three things:

1. Your water heater controller is malfunctioning and heats the water past its normal operating temperature. This situation can create high heat and pressure which will set the valve off.

2. Your home’s pressure regulator is broken and is letting too much pressure into your home. Your T&P valve is not just for your water heater but it is the only point in your plumbing system where high pressure can be released.

3. You couldn’t resist lifting the lever on the T&P valve, I know it’s so tempting. Calcium and magnesium (scale) build up on the valve and prevent the valve from completely closing.

If it is leaking, it almost always needs to be replaced.


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