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Water Softener and Purification Instant Quote

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Water Softener System Added

Water softeners are designed to remove minerals that cause scale to build up in your pipes, hair, clothes, dishes, showers, dishwashers and of course water heaters. The result leaves your skin feeling soft and your house sparkling clean. Watch the video below to see for yourself.

Add a whole house water purification system?

The whole house purification system removes chlorine, chloramines, fluoride and other harmful contaminants from your water. This not only protects your body, but also prevents water softener media and plumbing gaskets from chlorine corrosion. Chlorine eats plastic and rubber which causes leaks.

Summary, Warranty & Maintenance

It’s main purpose is to protect you from the following

• Ruining your salon treated hair

• Drying out your skin

• aded your clothing

• Damaging plumbing parts

• Reducing fluoride to give you drinking water at every faucet.

The 3 main chemicals we are trying to remove are 1. Chlorine 2. Chloramines 3. fluoride. Chlorine and chloramines are great for disinfecting city water but not great for your body. Chloramines are chlorine bonded with ammonia. They are great at keeping bacteria out of tap water and causing havoc to your body. Lastly, the whole house purification system removes Fluoride.

Each major contaminant requires a different filtration media.

• STAGE 1 activated carbon pulls out chlorine and 99% of other contaminants. Chlorine and chloramines are corrosive. Chlorine in city water is diluted but the effects are compounded every time you shower. Chlorine and Chloramines cause slowly leaking toilets and Leaking faucets. Chlorine and chloramines leave your hair brittle, colorless and dry your skin out. Since Chlorine is a gas in its natural state it escapes the water coming out of your shower and quickly absorbs into you via your lungs and skin.

• STAGE 2 catalytic carbon attacks the chlorine and Amonia bond that creates Chloramines. In basic terms chloramines are bleach combined with ammonia. Clearly Amonia and bleach are not ideal to shower in.

• STAGE 3 is bone char carbon: it’s designed to reduce fluoride in water. The objective is to achieve bottled water quality at every faucet in your home.

Chlorine and chloramines also affect your plumbing in ways you might not be aware of. Chlorine is highly corrosive and eats plastic and rubber. The affects of chlorine decay are slowly leaking toilets and leaking faucets. The whole house purification tank also protects the resin media in the softener from decay and failure.


• Zero waste water, no back flushing water down the drain

• Can be used in condos and homes without waste water drain

• Less plumbing damage will result in lower plumbing repair bills

• System will pay for itself in 5 years or less. $1000/person in bottled water/year

• Leaves skin and hair feeling soft and vibrant


• Media will need to be replaced every 7-12 years.


• 15 year warranty on tank

• 5 year warranty on parts

• 5 year no questions asked labor warranty


• No regular maintenance

• 7-12 year filter life on carbon media

5 Year Warranty

We include a 5 year labor warranty with all of our water purification products.

Do your permit yourself or have us take care of it?

California now requires permits for water heater installations. We can take care of this and make sure it it is done right so you can focus on what matters.

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