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I’m usually skeptical of anyone with perfect reviews on Yelp. I was wrong, they are that good. Had a flood a few weeks back due to a busted water heater in my garage. After getting the flood remediation people out and the place drying I reached out to these guys (I sure as hell wasn’t going back to the people who sold me the one which broke). Robert was awesome, showed up, gave me the information I needed about what my options were. He checked on the warranty for me and said they could handle the warranty… I didn’t need to do anything. The same day as the flood he took out the old water heater, brought in a temporary so I could at least shower and kept in touch with me the whole way. After the construction portion was done we went over my options and I asked about upgrading our water heater. There was no upsell at all, just the fact that he played me completely fair meant that I wanted to do business with these guys and see what my options were. We decided to go tankless because I already have a water softener and because we were doing the upgrade he waived the cost of the rental that had been keeping us going for the past week or so.

When the install came they didn’t just hook it up and leave (though it did go faster than I expected). They put it up, re-did a bunch of the piping and ducting so that everything will run smoothly, and spent time explaining to me how it operates, making sure I was happy and cleaning up everything before they left. Everything is new and well put together out there and we love the tankless water heater.

Trust me, quit looking… if you’re having water heater trouble or want an upgrade or service… just give them a call or fill out the form on their website and you’ll get a response pretty quickly.

I was not getting hot water in the house and suspected that my water heater was busted! My previous water heater tank had a number for ARS / Rescue Rooter on it so I called them first. What a terrible idea! BUT, I am glad that didn’t work out because I emailed Quick Water at nearly midnight, filled out the request online, uploaded pics of my water heater tank and I had a response when I woke up in the AM.

Brandon gave me a courtesy call to confirm my request and set an appointment for George to come over and take a look. When George arrived, he was very courteous and after taking a look, explained to me what had happened and what needed to be done. I called my husband and George was happy to go over the whole thing with him for his peace of mind.

George replaced the water heater tank, noticed our water pressure was too high and took a look at our pressure regulator (which had never been changed since the house was built 15 years ago!) He went online to show me how a pressure regulator should look like and suggested that we replace ours. He didn’t try to sell it to me but explained how the knob regulates the pressure and what damage high pressure could do to the new tank. I quickly went on the Quick Water Heater Company website, where they have listed a price check list and was able to choose a regulator that worked with our home size, compare it to others and decide which was best for us.

Quick Water Heater company excelled in their communication, punctuality, quality of work and fairness in price. I am recommending them to all my fellow home owners and friends. If I ever have another plumbing need, we all know who I will be contacting!

Moved into a new house in August and sure enough our hot water heater broke on Friday evening. Had to wait days and was getting no where with home warranty company so I started calling around for my own quotes.
First spoke to Brandon at 9 am on Sunday…couldn’t believe it! I filled out the request online and within minutes- someone called me. I had uploaded photos with my online request, Brandon reviewed them and within minutes we were discussing options. I asked for quotes for a traditional hot water heater and a tankless system- all very reasonable. My husband is currently deployed in Afghanistan and Brandon took the time to talk to him on Sunday too and discussed options and answered all of his questions.

My husband and I felt confident that Brandon and his team were right for the job. His communication is outstanding. I emailed him at 8 pm to set up a time to install a tankless system in our house and he was there by 10 am the next day- and for no additional costs! You cannot get that turn around and service anywhere else!

Brandon and Mike called with an updated (earlier) arrival and showed up with all the parts and materials needed. Our project turned out to be more than what was expected for Brandon and his team but that didn’t slow them down. I was immediately informed of problems found. Brandon had photos, described the problem, offered options and prices on how to proceed forward.
Even though the project took way longer than expected… they were here for over 8 hours… I never felt like quality of work was rushed. At the 8 hour mark, Brandon even took off his shoes, came into the house and checked every single faucet to ensure it had hot water and was not clogged with any debris from the installation.

They cleaned up everything!! No mess left behind whatsoever! There were no surprises with the final bill and he even offered/accepted a coupon.
We got an amazing deal on our tankless system and no price can be placed for the peace of mind that Brandon and his team gave me and my family. Best of all- I have hot water again and more storage room in my garage!
Brandon and his team are the best- I would highly recommend them to anyone!

Although I tap Yelp now and then for some customer feedback, this is my first review here. Our water heater was leaking and I made 3-4 calls to get some info and prices. Only Quick showed their no hidden fee, all-inclusive, bottom line price right on their website. They called back within 5 minutes of my email and set an appointment (one companies tech never called back AT ALL!). One well-known company that came out before Quick quoted me TWICE the price for all the code upgrades, etc that Quick includes in their flat rate, and it was NOT a name brand water heater, either. While I was waiting for them to arrive, I looked somewhat skeptically at such a high percentage of 5 star reviews here. After the tech, Robert, came out and did the job, I can see why. How refreshing to have a service professional come out who obviously takes pride in his work. Every facet of the job was done as if he was doing it for his own mother. We now have brand new water lines (along with a shutoff valve, so we won’t have to turn off all the water to the house next time!), gas line and valve, relief valve and copper line, and drip pan along with our “Professional” (cannot be purchased by the general public) water heater. He also installed new heavy-duty earthquake straps. My peace of mind and satisfaction with the job Robert did, and the way Quick Water Heaters does business, cannot be overstated!

Purchased a Yelp Deal

Put in for an appointment online, and less than 5 minutes later I got a phone call from George who was able to see me right after I got off of work. My pilot light had gone out the day before, and I can’t make heads or tails of what could possibly be wrong.

George is very knowledgeable and gave me some options on what could be wrong and how much things would cost. He than checked the spark igniter, which was issue and replaced it for free and didn’t charge me anything. He also suggested that I vacuum around the air intake, as that could add to the problem. After he left, he called back to let me know about the bolts that didn’t get screwed back on, and offered to drive back to put them back on for me. While I was on the phone, the pilot light went back out, so George came back and spend some extra time checking everything out, getting the air intake area extra clean, and making sure the water heater stayed on. While we were waiting, he also checked the anode rod, which was in serious need of replacement.

After all was said and done, everything is working great, George is fantastic and really knows his stuff, he spent extra time with me to make sure everything is working properly, cleaned up after himself and made sure I was completely satisfied with his service and price. I hope I don’t have to use these guys again soon, but when the time comes, these guys will be my first stop for all my water heater needs and I would recommend them to anyone that needs great service.

Our water heater broke down on Sunday morning and we had guests coming in on Monday. Needless to say, I freaked out. Started calling every 24-hour plumbers and hot water guys I could find. No one was getting back to me, so I figured what the heck, I’ll give this “Quick” place a try, filled out their online form.

Luke called me back within two minutes.

Just by talking it over on the phone and giving him the model number, he was already able to guess what the issue was, and I immediately felt a lot better about the situation. Luke scheduled an appointment for a couple hours later — keep in mind this is a Sunday morning — and came right on time, even messaging confirmation thirty minutes before his arrival.

Once he got here, it turned out I had a specialized water heater that required a specialized electronic part. So yet again I start worrying. Not a problem, Luke says. First thing Monday morning, he sources the part himself, gets the supplier to cover it under my warranty, drives out to pick it up, and brings it over to make the repair – again, right on time. I mean, not only does the guy fix things, but he also handles getting the right part and making sure it’s covered under warranty?? Amazing.

While replacing the part he serviced the rest of the unit, replacing an old pipe free of charge. The overall price was very, very reasonable as well. And best of all, I’ve got hot water again well before my guests’ arrival.

As a homeowner, I’ve worked with lots of contractors before. Luke and Quick are the real deal, some of the best I’ve ever worked with. I highly recommend them.

In a weird way, I’m almost happy my water heater broke on a Sunday – because now that I’ve found Luke and Quick, I know if I ever have an issue again, I’ve got the right people to call and I have absolutely nothing to worry about.

Let me start by saying that I’m giving this company 5 stars because that’s the max that yelp allows. In reality, on a scale of 1-5, this company (Luke, in particular) – is like 11 (or 12). I’m telling you, I didn’t think companies like this existed anymore: they are the textbook case of earning business via exceptional service, punctuality, honesty (Luke, thank you, again!!!), and professionalism! HBR articles should be written about Quick Water, at the time when most repairmen/contractors I’ve hired are just mercenaries trying to rip you off for a quick buck with mediocre service provided (trust me, I’ve hired countless numbers of them as a manager of several commercial/residential properties for the past 20 years).

We had a water heater that was malfunctioning (the fire just wouldn’t stay lit). We called another repair main, who supposedly fixed it, but within a day the problem reappeared. So, I decided to find real professionals and found Quick Water via yelp, and boy did I get lucky with them! Here are some facts:

1. I called the number listed in yelp. A gentleman (very courteous) answered the call, listened carefully, asked me to make an appointment using the website, and told me that someone would contact me as soon as the web form was submitted. It was late in the evening, so I thought, “yeah, right, someone will call me in the next few minutes this late”.

2. To my surprise, literally within few minutes, a gentleman called (Luke) and told me that he got my email and understands the situation and that he would come the following day (around 3p) to fix it. I was ecstatic: the tenants had been without hot water for 3 days by that time, and I needed this problem to be resolved ASAP!

3. The following day, like clockwork, around 3p Luke came, and quickly diagnosed the problem (it needed some parts to be ordered from the manufacturer). Then he noticed that the water heater was still in warranty. So, he called the manufacturer, and had the parts FedExed overnight and the following morning, on a Saturday, the packages were delivered.

4. And here is the most amazing part: although it was Luke’s day-off, he drove all the way to North Hollywood and replaced the parts anyway!!! Again, did I say ON HIS DAY OFF????

Again, I cannot thank Luke and Quick Water for this truly exceptional service! You guys are a godsend!

Now, if only I can find an electrician like Luke, a dry-wall/framing guy like Luke, plumber like Luke, and an appliance-repair guy like Luke, my life would have a LOT LESS anxiety…

As everyone knows, the laws of the cosmos dictate that plumbing will always break during times of high stress and crazy schedules. It was no different with our (admittedly, *way* overdue for replacement) water heater. I didn’t have time or energy to be mucking about with multiple estimates, so I contacted Quick based on Yelp reviews and how easy it was to reach them via a contact form on their website. I work nights, and the request I submitted around 5am for a same-day appointment was answered by Ed Solis around 5:45am, and he was at my house a little after 11 that morning.

I was feeling stressed and anxious over the whole affair, but Ed’s demeanor put me right at ease. Which was good, as I didn’t have a plan B if he came off like a jerk. Anyhow, it was all very straightforward, replacing our tank with a tankless system. I appreciated that Ed was conscientious about not installing more heater than we needed for our little one-bath house.

The quote came in just under what I had mentally calculated what the service was worth to me and we were able to schedule for the next day. Ed showed up right on time and got straight to work, and even maintained a good humor as it started to rain.

I honestly don’t know how Quick’s rates compare with others, but I feel I got a good value in terms of product and service and just how easy they made the process, and would gladly recommend them to others.

If you have any water heater issues to include plumbing, have no fear Quick Water Heater Company is there to help! I had a burner problem, venting issues, non earthquake safe install, and leaking plumbing on a water heater I though I was saving money on. While still under warranty I didn’t want to shell out the extra change to replace it and just repair it.

I set up an appointment on the online website, loaded up pictures of my water heater/plumbing issue, and a technician Ed Solis contacted me within 15 min. He gave me a specific 30 min time frame not a 4 hour block and arrived right away.

Ed Solis was very professional and courteous. He explained all of my options and made his recommendations before we started the work. He explained each component and how the water heater worked as he conducted the repair. He was very patient with me and allowed me to observe and ask questions as I was very interested in how water heaters are repaired.

The cost was very reasonable for the amount of work that was done. I will definitely be using Quick Water Heater Company in the future when we decide to go tankless and to replace our water softener. I highly recommend Quick Water Heater Company and most especially Ed Solis!